Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Late night wrap-up

First, let me say that I apologize for the errors in the posts by Dave Ziff (which have been corrected). Those errors are my own, not Dave’s and are attributable to my hurried attempt to get news out on the blog. In particular, I offer my apologies to Chris, who is a fellow blogger at TalkLeft and a supporter of this blog.

I’d also like to thank Dave Ziff for taking the time to transcribe my ramblings into something coherent for readers of the blog. Thanks Dave!

Dave’s posts offer a rather broad sketch of the argument. Most of the major threads of discussion and questioning are covered by Dave’s posts, but there are many fine points which were not captured. I hope to raise those finer points over the next few days.

A few other blogs are covering the Blakely argument, notably Doug Berman on Sentencing Law and Policy (who I met in person for the first time, despite our many email exchanges), Tom Goldstein covers the argument with some insider information at the SCOTUS blog and Howard Bashman has coverage of the argument on How Appealing.

Prof. Berman’s first post offers some thoughts on the SG’s arguments on Blakely’s applicability.

Prof. Berman has rounded up the media coverage on his site, too.

I’m going to reserve further commentary until tomorrow (which is now today). What a day! Stay tuned.

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