Monday, October 04, 2004

215 posts later...

this is my 215th post on Blakely, and the day for oral arguments has arrived. News coverage of today's oral argument is available from the New York Times, the Christian Science Monitor, USA Today,, and just about every other major news outlet.

The plan for later today

I'm pleased to inform the readers of this blog that David Ziff, a third year student at Columbia and a good friend, has agreed to transcribe my thoughts on the oral argument immediately after the last red light comes on.

As you might recall, Dave graciously allowed me to post his notes from the National Association of State Sentencing Commission’s annual conference in New Mexico (Dave's notes are available here), so he's no stranger to the blog.

I plan on calling Dave right after the argument and after he's taken the time to formulate my thoughts into something coherent, he will post my reaction to the argument on the blog. Isn't technology great?

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