Wednesday, September 22, 2004

A Simple Plan

Fans of the movie “A Simple Plan” will note the irony of this post once you see what my simple plan is for the next few weeks. Hopefully, I’ll have better luck than the characters in the movie with my scheme.

The next two weeks will be busy ones for all those following Booker and Fanfan. Not only were an avalanche of briefs filed in the last 24 hours, but the oral argument is just around the corner on October 4th. In order to properly prepare for the oral argument, I’ve created a briefing schedule of sorts, which will offer my thoughts on the respondent’s briefs.

Each day, starting on Saturday the 25th, I will post my thoughts on a specific brief. If you’ve been reading this blog somewhat faithfully (and I thank you for that), you know that I did something similar for the petitioner’s amicus briefs. I didn’t discuss the government’s main brief in any of those posts by design. On October 1st, I will discuss the government’s main brief and on Oct. 2, I will discuss the two respondent’s briefs. On the 3rd, the day before the argument, I hope to put together some final comments and ideas, a kind of pre-game show, if you will.

As for the oral argument itself, I have been fortunate enough to secure a ticket to the argument, which means I won’t have to brave the public admission line. Although I won’t have direct access to a computer, one of my fellow law students at Columbia has agreed to take my phone call transcribe my thoughts on the argument on the blog.

A Simple Plan:

Sept 25th - Discussion of the FAMM Brief
Sept 26th - Discussion of the NACDL Brief
Sept. 27th - Discussion of the WLF Brief
Sept. 28th - Discussion of the NAFD Brief
Sept. 29th - Discussion of the NYCDL Brief
Sept 30th - Discussion of the Waiver Brief
Oct. 1st - Discussion of the Petitioner’s Main Brief
Oct. 2nd - Discussion of the Respondent’s Briefs
Oct. 3rd - Overview of All Briefs; Comments for Oral Argument
Oct. 4th - Commentary on Oral Argument

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