Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Blog Housekeeping

As you may have noticed, Blogger has now enabled readers to email posts by clicking on the little mail icon underneath each post. It works well and is an easy way to share blog posts with your friends.

I've also enable "anonymous" commentary for each post. Some readers would not rather give their names, and now they don't have to. Should you write to me, I won't use your name unless you give me permission. That's been my policy all along.

The NAFD post, which should have been up a few hours ago, is now up. My commentary on the NYCDL brief is still on track for tomorrow.

The cases and filings sidebar is due for an update. That should be coming soon.

The Bravenet poll, which asks how you think the Booker and Fanfan cases will come out, is nearing 200 votes. The results may surprise you. The poll is located on the right-hand sidebar, below the counter.

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