Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Smattering of News

This is Phil Fortino posting on Jason's behalf while he is in Vegas, no doubt in a 24-hour hold 'em game by now.

There's just a couple of news items out there this morning. This story from Montgomery, AL describes a fourth indictment handed down againt a drug dealer. Actually, this is the first of the four amended because of Blakely. The newest indictment lists the properties the government may seek to seize if he is convicted. I, for one, think it's curious that the government amends indictments while their official policy is that they need not do so. The previous amendments in this case -- one to up the quantity of marijuana and another to add a charge -- are encouraging, however. They show compliance with the new rules is possible.

You can read about a federal judge in Charleston putting sentencing on hold here.

In Kansas, a federal judge is going to hold a jury trial to determine whether he can depart upwards in a case involving a man with 11 prior DUI convictions. Read about it here.

This editorial by an assistant United States attorney extols the benefits of mandatory minimum sentences (though not very persuasively). I find it humorous that there is a wanted ad for correctional officers just below the editorial.

The Houston Chronicle has an article on the delay of the Enron trial.

Regarding the so-called editorial by an assistant United States attorney as to the benefits of mandatory minimum sentences, this fellow Sandy Mattice is actually a U.S. Attorney, and these are bogus columns written at the request of main Justice from the same template. See the article I posted at
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