Monday, August 02, 2004

New Indictments Against McWane Executives

Although this could have easily been included in my collection of morning new stories, I've decided to give an article from the Birmingham News its own post to highlight an important story.

The article is entitled, "Supreme Court ruling spurs new indictments." The article reports on new indictments that have been filed which now allege sentencing factors in the indictment. In one case, a superseded indictment contains six pages of enhancements, according to the paper.

Among the superseded indictments are the indictments of executives of the McWane Cast Iron Pipe Company. The excutives have been charged with various environmental crimes. You can get more information on the McWane indictments from the DOJ.

The McWane corporation was the subjects of a 3 part series in the New York Times called "Dangerous Business." This Pultizer Prize winning series exposed some of the deplorable working conditions found at places like McWane. I read the three part series in my first year of law school as part of Columbia's Regulatory State course. I doubt I'll ever forget the McWane Corporation after reading those articles. I highly recommend the series.

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