Friday, August 06, 2004

Morning News

Sorry for the delay with the morning news. It may not even be the morning by the time I hit "publish." You can blame it on a late night of karaoke...

There are some good stories out there today, and one not so good one.

There's an interesting AP story which discusses the case of former Rite Aid executive Franklin C. Brown and some of the sentencing issues in that case. The article quotes Peter Goldberger who is Mr. Brown's attorney.

The Pioneer Press reports, "Decision has state courts in a tizzy." The article reports:

A preliminary review has found the state's sentencing guidelines are safe from a major overhaul, according to two members of the Minnesota Sentencing Guidelines Commission, which today is to submit a report on immediate effects of the decision to Gov. Tim Pawlenty.

And the assistant chief district judge in Ramsey County says:

"It's so new we're just really trying to absorb it," said Kathleen Gearin, assistant chief district judge in Ramsey County. "We're in the same boat as everyone around the country, saying, 'What is this going to mean?' "

We know the feeling.

Newsday has a very short article that I usually wouldn't post but the first sentence caught my eye:

The Supreme Court agreed this week to restore order where it recently sparked disarray.

It did? I hope someone has a copy of that agreement.

Finally, and I hate to do this (not really). One article stood out today, because it's not very accurate.

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