Monday, August 02, 2004

Anemic Poll Results

Much like voting in the real world, the last posted poll had a weak turnout and a little bit of election fraud.

The poll asked whether the Court should have taken US v. Bijou instead of Fanfan, with Fanfan or rejected taking US v. Bijou all together. An impressive 34 votes were recorded, with a few of those coming in after the Court announced it was taking Fanfan (that's my mistake).

Eighteen voters (53%) said the Court should take Bijou instead of Fanfan. Nine (26%) said Bijou and Fanfan would be best. Seven (21%) said the Court should not take Bijou.

The new poll (located on the right-hand sidebar, below the Archives and the counter) asks: Did the Supreme Court make a mistake by certifying the SG's two questions without any modification?

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