Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Wow! People are reading this blog

Yesterday was a big day for the Blakely blog. The following notable events took place:

- I had several fruitful email exchanges with Professor Berman, who runs the very excellent Sentencing Law and Policy Blog. Professor Berman even included a very nice plug about this blog. If you only go to one Blakely-related blog this whole summer, go to Sentencing Law and Policy; if you go to two, see the Blakely Blog.

- I had my first ever contact with a “secret” source. A source deep within the government. Very Tom Clancy.

- Three people posted comments to one of my posts, including a citation correction. Figures.

- One of this blog’s readers wrote in to offer some information from news in his hometown.

- The EIC of my Journal agreed that my Note is not dead (yet).

- I wrote to Jeff Fisher, who argued Blakely, to offer my congratulations and refer him to the blog. He wished me luck.

All very exciting, especially the Deep Throat part. Keep reading, I appreciate it.

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