Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Tuesday Morning News

In an article about the 8th Circuit ruling in US v. Mooney, In Forum reports: Ruling creates confusion in courts: Felony sentences are left uncertain (You won't want to miss the cowboys pictured next to this story, partner)

In a story about Judge Jack Weinstein, Law.com reiterates that the judge thinks the Guidelines are not dead.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has a story entitled, “Sentencing decision makes justice system wary.”

The article begins with the following few paragraphs:
A recent U.S. Supreme Court decision has thrown the federal justice system into chaos.

Or has it?

Media reports around the country have cited examples of sentences reduced from 20 years to one; from four years to 16 months. Web pages quote judges and lawyers who fear the sky is falling.

Someone should do something about those “web pages” out there. The article continues to reassure Milwaukee that all is well in their fine city. Nothing to see here folks. Move along. Party on, Milwaukee.

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