Thursday, July 29, 2004

Thursday's News

News from the SCOTUS  

Lyle Denniston of the SCOTUS Blog has the inside scoop on the current temperament in the Supreme Court. He says that the Court is in the mood to act quickly but yesterday’s mass of filings will do little to make things move quickly.

Correction: Earlier this morning I mistakenly attributed this report to Amy Howe, when it was Lyle Denniston filing the report under Amy Howe's login name.
Blakely and California

Sentencing Law and Policy has two good posts on Blakely’s impact in California. The first post is a link to a memo summarizing Blakely’s impact in California; the second post discusses Blakely in a different context – consecutive sentences. Does Blakely require the jury to decide whether consecutive sentences are warranted? Right now the answer is no, but with all Blakely issues that could change by the afternoon. 

The LA Times has an editorial entitled, “Judges in Shackles.”

Blakely and Maine

The Press Herald of Maine is covering Fanfan in an article entitled, “U.S. Supreme Court asked to hear Maine case.”

Blakely in Rhode Island

The Pawtucket Times reports that U.S. District Judge Mary Lisi has postponed the trial of two ex-Lincoln Park officials on wire fraud and conspiracy charges.

Blakely in Massachusetts
The Boston Globe reports, “Judges split over sentencing guidelines.”
Blakely in Washington

The Seattle Times confirms what readers of this blog already know: "Talk to any federal prosecutor in Seattle — or anywhere in the country, for that matter — and the same name will be on virtually all of their minds: Blakely."

The article has an interesting discussion on the Znetix fraud case and other securities matters.

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