Sunday, July 18, 2004

Sunday News

Sentencing Law and Policy has kicked off the day with a post summarizing the day’s news stories. The title of the post (Sunday, Blakely Sunday) is a clever play on the U2 song Sunday, Bloody Sunday. The pace of Blakely news developments is staggering, sometimes rendering the day's hot news as obsolete as a Trabant.
I add one interesting news story which comes from Kansas, right in the Heartland. As you probably know, the state of Kansas revised its sentencing guidelines in response to Apprendi, and many commentators have pointed to Kansas as a model for reforming the federal system. Last Tuesday’s Senate hearing, however, barely paid lip service to the idea. It sounds to me like Senator Hatch still hasn’t found what he’s looking for. (And he certainly is looking.)
In the meanwhile, the DOJ and SG may be taking a look at US v. Fanfan as the case they take to the Supreme Court. You can read my description of Fanfan here. Still no word on when the Court will take a case, if they do at all. Recent speculation has been that the Court might take the issue up later rather than sooner, maybe October.

You might have also thrown in Mysterious Ways for the 6th Circuit decision in Montgomery, and even New Year's Day as a prediction for when the Supremes might have their next Blakely decision done. Great work taking my quirky idea and running with it.
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