Thursday, July 15, 2004

Summarizing the Afternoon's Events

A series of useful posts are up on Sentencing Law and Policy. I’ll continue to cross reference Prof. Berman’s posts but frankly, if you’re a true Blakely fanatic, you really should be reading both the Blakely Blog and Sentencing Law and Policy. Here goes…

More SCOTUS Scuttlebutt - an interesting look into an email exchange between Prof. Berman and Lyle Denniston of the SCOTUS blog

The Sixth Sense - it’s hard to describe this post, you just have to read it

District Court dynamics - an interesting look into US District for the SDNY Judge Lewis Kaplan’s reasoning in US v. Roberts.

And, finally, Spanning the globe, Blakely style. A collection of Blakely news stories.

New stuff...

Some news from the Martha Stewart case is available on U.S. District Judge Miriam Cedarbaum denied Stewart's lawyer's argument that the guidelines are unconstitutional. Basically, Martha's sentence won't require any enhancements so she will not benefit from Blakely.

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