Wednesday, July 28, 2004

The Responses Have Arrived

The NACDL amicus brief is now available here.

The brief is divided into two parts. The first part claims, “The questions presented by the government should be revised in a manner that simultaneously simplifies them and ensures that the Court will resolve all of the issues on which the lower courts most need guidance.”

The second part argues (from the TOC): “The Court Should Grant Certiorari in Booker or in No. 04-5263, Pineiro v. United States, Should Also Grant Certiorari in No. 04-5272, Bijou v. United States, and Should Deny the Petition for Certiorari Before Judgment in Fanfan.”

(From a very quick review, there’s a lot to discuss here. More later…)

The SCOTUS Blog has a post which provides an itinerary (as far as one is possible) of the day's expected filings. So, stay online, there's more to come.

Update: Booker & Fanfan Filings

Booker's Brief in Response

Booker's Response to the Motion to Expedite

Fanfan Response to Motion to Expedite

Fanfan Bio

Fanfan Appendices

(Fanfan documents from Sentencing Law and Policy)

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