Friday, July 16, 2004

Morning News Stories

Apparently, Martha Stewart is going camping (not the kind of camping you’re thinking of, probably) 
The Washington Post reports: Judge Turns Down Stewart Defense 
The Boston Globe writes: Federal court weighs in on guidelines 
Dahlia Lithwick, who is no fan of this site, has written an article entitled, “No-Good Lazy Justices.” The article discusses Sentencing Law and Policy extensively, which I have said is the best site around on all this stuff. But let me say this, I know this isn’t Sentencing Law and Policy but this is a pretty good blog too, you know. Check out the counter I installed at 2 pm yesterday. Not bad, huh? This blog keeps pretty good tabs on Blakely developments and on occasion says a smart thing or two. So, feel free to mention the Blakely Blog in the future, ok? 

The Recorder has an article entitled, "Calif. Supreme Court to Weigh 'Blakely' Impact in State" - The article suggests that Blakely may soon be illuminated -- at least in California.   
The American Constitution Society recently conducted a Supreme Court round-up. You can access the transcript here, and yes, there’s a Blakely discussion towards the end.  
Arizona Update: The Yuma Sun is reporting on the first case affected by the Blakely decision in Arizona. The paper reports, "Decision has immediate impact on manslaughter case in Yuma."

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