Sunday, July 11, 2004

Daily Blakely News

1. From Louisiana, we get the following story: Sentencing guidelines in question - Supreme Court ruling has judges reviewing cases

The article discusses U.S. District Judge Frank Polozola’s practice of backup sentencing. Here’s an interesting passage:

"Some judges around the country have already declared the guidelines to be unconstitutional, and I'm not certain what the appellate courts will do," Polozola told Marks during his sentencing hearing last week. "I will give you two sentences today. One will be under the guidelines, and one will be without -- just like I did when in the '80s when I came on the bench."

The article says that the Fifth Circuit has taken up Blakely in U.S. v. Francisco Pineiro.

2. An article about the Rigas sentencing can be found here.

3. Meet Judge Cassell, the youngest judge to be confirmed for the federal bench in Utah. The Deseret News has a story about Judge Cassell.

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