Monday, July 19, 2004

Blog it and they will come

This blog, and its operator, were mentioned by name in the Wall Street Journal today. Unfortunately, I can’t direct you to a URL because the WSJ requires a subscription.
The article is entitled, “Law Professor's Web Log Is Jurists' Must-Read.” The vast majority of the article is about Prof. Berman’s Sentencing Law and Policy blog, as it should be. I'd like to take a moment to note that the article says that this blog is Prof. Berman's primary competition. Nothing could be further from the truth. Prof. Berman and I communicate on an almost daily basis to share information, thoughts and news. Our relationship is not marked by competition but cooperation. Prof. Berman could have easily ignored me but he has treated me like a colleague, not a competitor. For that, I am very grateful.
Now, some blog stats. When Laurie interviewed me she asked me how many visitors the site was getting. I didn’t know the answer because the site doesn’t have a counter, so I installed on one last Thursday at 2pm. On Friday at 2pm, I had a little over 1,300 hits. At the time of this post, the blog has about 2500 hits. That’s great volume for a 15 day old blog dedicated to an Apprendi-related matter, don't you think?
I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Laurie at the WSJ for taking the time to interview me and for mentioning my blog. I also would like to thank the readers of this blog who write to me with comments, suggestions, information and spelling errors. I’ve been told there is no such thing as the word “porposal."
Following Blakely developments has been a lot of fun (is fun the right word? I think it is.), I look forward to what’s ahead.  

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