Thursday, July 01, 2004

Blakely in the News

The New York Times has a story on Judge Cassell's opinion from the Eastern District of Utah. The story mentions two other cases where Blakely has been applied, as soon as possible I'll track those decisions down and publish them.
U.S. Judge Overturns Guidelines for Sentences, By Adam Liptak

The Washington Post has a story entitled, "U.S. Judge Cuts Farmer's Sentence In Mall Standoff."

In an article published yesterday (which mistakenly refers to Oregon instead of Washington as the sentencing scheme struck down in Blakely)by the Charleston Gazette of West Virginia. The article is entitled, "Sentencing ruling delays hearings - Supreme Court limits penalties to what jury hears." The article mentions a case where Blakely was applied to a drug case. More on this later...

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